When should you start using pregnancy pillow?

For pregnant women, sleeping position is very important because it affects the mother’s sleep and especially the development of the fetus. And a pregnant pillow will be very useful for pregnant mothers during this period. But how many months of pregnancy should I use pregnant pillows and what are the effects of pregnancy pillow?

1. Why use a pregnancy pillow?

Pillows for pregnant women may not be a topic of concern for every pregnant woman, unless she is too difficult to sleep, when lying down feels too uncomfortable and feels she needs some support.

We all know that, during pregnancy, almost all pregnant women will have difficulty sleeping, not sleeping well, affecting their health and the fetus. To help pregnant women have better quality sleep, repel back pain, neck pain, even the growing pregnant belly needs to be supported while lying down, making the body more comfortable.

2. When should you use a pregnancy pillow?

During the first 3 months, the fetus is still young and has not had much impact on the mother’s body, so pregnant women can lie on their backs and sides while sleeping evenly, as long as they feel comfortable and sleep well. However, pregnant mothers should avoid lying on their stomach because they will find it uncomfortable and very easy to hurt the baby.

From the 4th month, the pregnant belly gets bigger and this is the period when pregnant mothers need to pay attention to protect the abdomen. Doctors advise pregnant women to lie on their side, preferably lying on their left side so as not to put pressure on the fetus and the mother feels more comfortable, especially for pregnant women who have too much amniotic fluid and are pregnant. pregnancy. At this time, pregnant women should use pillows to sleep comfortably and protect their pregnant belly.

3. What are the effects of pillows for pregnant women?

Pregnant hug pillows can be used during pregnancy. After giving birth, women can still use it very conveniently. With a design specially designed for pregnant women to support the body, avoid the common back pain, help pregnant mothers eliminate uncomfortable feelings of sleeping positions, from there, have a good night’s sleep and deeper.

In addition, many pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy are often very uncomfortable when lying in a sideways position. Using the right pillow will help you feel more comfortable while lying in this position, thereby promoting blood circulation in the body.

4. Experiences when buying pregnancy pillow

A well-sized hugging pillow will also help moms feel more comfortable. Therefore, you should choose pillows that are suitable for the shape of your pregnant mother. The right size for your bed is also remarkable.

The material of the pillow plays a quite important role, it helps mothers to be comfortable, safe and the fetus is more stable. Therefore, to ensure good health, pregnant mothers should choose pillow covers made from cotton fabric that is cool, soft, sweat absorbent, creating airy and comfortable but not difficult in washing.

The shape of the pillow is also an important thing for pregnant women. On the market today there are quite a few designs and mainly based on two styles that are pillows while sleeping and pillows for pregnant women. Each pillow has its own advantages and depending on the needs of each pregnant mother, choose the right pillow for her.

5. Popular types of pillows for pregnant women

On the market today, there are many types of pillows for pregnant women, but the pillows under the rope are most interested by pregnant mothers. Since only one pregnant woman can really judge whether a pillow during pregnancy is comfortable, we make sure to consider what the pregnant woman is saying in the reviews. We also take into account the price, fabric quality, and special features because we know those.

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PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

This C-shaped pregnancy pillow from PharMeDoc is long enough to support both the top and bottom of a pillow and flexible enough to wrap around a sitting position while breastfeeding or watching TV. What really makes it to the top of the list of pregnant pillows is all the bright comments from pregnant mums!

One mother said: “It was very good! My husband and I changed our timing to BP (Before Pillow) and AP (After Pillow) ”. Another declared, “I am currently pregnant with my 4th child and honestly I don’t know how I lived without this pillow.”

But one mother warns that although the covers can be washed, the fabric is fragile, so it’s best to wash in a mesh bag.

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

2-sided design suitable for mothers in all 3 trimesters. Luxurious, soft active foam on side 1 and foam support firmer on side 2. As your needs and wants change from time to time, simply flip it over to regain a feeling of dark comfort multi.

Super soft yet durable and washable. We know that a little pampering goes a long way in the 3rd trimester, so we pulled out all the stops and figured out the best material possible. You simply won’t believe how comfortable and paperback it is.

Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow

This pillow is highly appreciated by pregnant mothers for its overall convenience and embrace. Snoogle is uniquely designed to follow the natural contours and shape of your body from head to toe. Perfect for sleeping and relaxing with the removable / washable lid.

Horseshoe-shaped knees allow you to achieve the right position and height for you. The extra long middle section is the perfect width to support your entire back or abdomen. depending on which direction you choose to shrink in your Snoogle. The slightly curved end fits snugly between the knees as it fits your body.

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Body Pillow

This extra-long pillow from Coop Home Goods is adjustable, which means you can add or remove as many chopped microfiber and active foam stuffing as you like for a comfortable fit. You can rest assured about cleaning as this pillow is fully machine washable for easy cleaning.

While this option has a lot of perks, the only real downside is that the chopped activated foam produces a stinging smell when you first take it out of the packaging. Coop says you should put your pillow in the dryer and knead it on low heat with some dryer sheets.

Awesling Extra Large U Shape Pillow

Our multi-purpose pillow will have 3 separate parts, you cover and connect the parts to form a complete pillow. Please let the pillow become soft for at least 48 hours before using it. Whether you’re in your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester, our soft pillows will surround you and your baby with soft cushions and support.

Relax in pure comfort. Multi-position pillows provide you with a variety of sleeping positions! Remove side panel and use as knee support. Then snuggle up into the C-shaped pillow so that it embraces your body.

Bamibi Nursing Pillow

Support all new moms need. Bamibi’s Breastfeeding Pillows offer breast feeding and many other brackets and cushions in bulk. The baby pillow is perfect for a breastfed or bottle-fed infant.

Machine washable because clutter occurs. Easy-care cotton cover, quality zippered polyester infant pillow – also includes a restraint for the baby. These are the nursing pillows that parents love for years.

Moon Pine Pregnancy Pillow

Velor pillow fabric has mesh holes for outstanding air circulation, softer than Jersey fabric and cooler than velvet, suitable for use at all times. High quality PP 7D cotton gut keeps our pillows full and firm. The zippered pillow jacket is easy to remove and clean.

Pregnancy pillows provide mothers expecting effective support on the head, neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, knees and legs, it lifts your growing swelling and relieves muscle tension, relieves pain back and minimize discomfort when emitting sleep sounds.

Meiz Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This soft, adjustable and odor-free 7 D hollow fiber filler material provides comfort when sleeping on your side and retains softness for better performance and longer use. Inner cover: Floral brush fabric looks more elegant with your furniture. Outer cover: This double zipped soft velvet lid is machine washable.

No More Sueriop – Meiz strives to please every customer, so using technology from Denmark this maternity pillow is a 100% improvement over the final model. It has been improved in fineness and extra elongated size, according to customer suggestion. Doesn’t cause discomfort when the skin is near the pillow. Supports full body 60 ° for restful and restful sleep.

6. What Should I Consider When I Buy Pregnant Pillows?

Pillows can replace pillow covers

Good hygiene is extremely important to keep in mind during pregnancy. During this stage, you will sweat a lot while you sleep. Therefore, choosing pillows that can be replaced will make it easier to clean.

Choose a pillow size

A well-sized hugging pillow will also make moms feel more comfortable. Therefore, you should choose pillows that are suitable for the body shape of the pregnant mother. Pillows will usually have a maximum length of 1.45m fabric to support the abdomen and back for pregnant mothers. And, the right size for your bed is also remarkable.

Choose a pillow material

Polyester: This is a popular material used to make pillow. The softness of the pillow depends on the amount of yarn inserted into the pillow. Although this material is very versatile, it often contains a lot of dirt and bacteria, so those with allergies are often not recommended to use this pillow. This pillow has a shelf life of about two years.

Foam: Pillows made from this material will be cheaper than other pillows. Foam foam is a soft, lightweight plastic shaped like small white marbles. Pillows made from this material are usually light and contain a lot of air, so they are easy to bend with body curves. However, these pillows are not suitable for long naps.

Microbeads: These are tiny, tiny plastic beads, each with a diameter of less than 1mm. Pillows made from this material are extremely light, and when touched, they will feel like there is sand padded inside the pillow.

Memory foam: This is a material made by Nasa scientists to serve astronauts. Pillows made of this material can reduce the pressure on the pressure points in the body, thereby reducing pain and providing you with a comfortable sleep.

Pillows are made of organic materials (cotton, feathers …): These pillows are environmentally friendly, do not contain harmful chemicals, and are good for allergy sufferers. However, these pillows are difficult to clean and often lose their original shape after just a few uses.

Growing people is hard work! You can use all the rest and relax you can. Sadly, your baby’s growing bumps and new points of pressure can make finding a comfortable sleeping position difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of pregnancy pillow options to choose from and we “Motherhood Maternity” have done our best to be a useful matchmaker.

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