Note to know when traveling with baby

Your family really wants a wonderful and memorable trip with your baby. We will share some of our experiences below. This will give you and your Family more tips to make the trip easier and more enjoyable.

1. Choose the Traveling with baby destination

You can listen to their children’s opinions before choosing a place such as “do you like to go to the beach?” or “This place has a very nice play area, all of us will go with us …” Of course we will select appropriate opinions.

Please choose suitable destinations for your family. High-end resorts or tour programs, with lots of baby play spaces, swimming pools, are taken care of by professional guides.

Being exposed to nature and sea air is also very good for your baby’s health, so plan your travel early to have more incentives and prepare better luggage.

Once a suitable destination has been selected, in addition to a reservation, parents should inform the hotel that they will be traveling with children. So on the side of the hotel, there will be the best preparation for your family: such as arranging cribs in the room, preparing dining chairs, or special offers for children – if any.

2. Select a means of transportation

Transport is also essential for a travel trip. If you are traveling on the plane, you should also choose your seat in advance (if purchasing tickets online) or announce it at the counter during airport check-in.

A small note is for parents to remember to bring their child’s birth certificate when traveling on the plane, otherwise it will be extremely annoying, may not be able to board the plane. If you choose to travel by train or car, make sure your baby has enough room to lie down and plenty of space to breathe.

3. Time to travel

When traveling, there are children or infants, especially those between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. Parents need to consider carefully about the time to go. Parents should consult about the climate where the whole family will travel to have a good preparation.

For example, what will the weather be like, is it the rainy season or the dry season, there are often sudden rains, or the sudden increase in temperature … will make the baby more susceptible to colds, coughs, and high fevers. When you do not do well and research first, this will make the trip unhappy or you will be forced to return because the child’s health does not allow.

4. Prepare Your Supplies While Traveling with Baby

First, pay attention to children’s clothing. When you and the members are traveling in the summer, your baby will sweat a lot, so parents should choose cool, sweat-absorbent clothes. Also prepare your child for a few long clothes in case the evening weather gets chilly, windy or in an air-conditioned area.

Hats, glasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, insect bites … for children are also indispensable items. To make things more sure parents should also bring some fever-reducing medicines or plaster, anti-diarrhea medicine, and bandages for their children. A travel cart is also a very necessary item when giving your baby away.

You need to organize your baby’s luggage separately because she has a lot of stuff. In addition to checked baggage, you need to split up a small bag to carry essential things that your baby may need at any time during the trip.

  • Travel trolley, dining chair
  • Personal medical medicine box
  • Prepare baby food separately
  • Favorite toys for babies
  • Clothing suitable for baby tourist destinations

What you need to remember and note before starting the trip is that you need to bring your baby’s blanket and pillow daily. When sleeping in a hotel, this will be a very useful item to make your baby sleep in a different place and have a good night’s sleep.

5. Be careful when your baby gets lost

Although no one expects this to happen to everyone or your family. But you should also pay attention to this case, if the child you get lost. Easy to prevent and minimize consequences happening to you. You should write the baby’s name along with the couple’s name, home address, phone number, address of the hotel you are staying in on a piece of paper and put in the baby’s pocket.

For older children who can walk by themselves, you need to tell them to protect themselves by contacting anyone around them when their parents cannot be seen (police, security staff at the pier, car, airport …) to find. Let your children know and remember the phone number and address of the hotel where your whole family is traveling.

6.Experience in choosing a hotel

This is the first criterion that parents give when choosing a hotel in their summer trip with their children. A hotel with a fully equipped family room will be very convenient when accompanied by small children.

In particular, the room must have a bed for the child. Usually parents simply think when traveling, children can sleep in the same bed with parents. However, it would be much more wonderful if the babies have their own space, but the parents still observe and take care of their children easily.

Sleep space is one of the factors that can affect your child’s summer travel. Choose a room with cool space, harmonious colors

Today, hotels and resorts are focusing on creating a private play area for the “little gods” right inside their space. This is great because children have a comfortable place to play at their accommodation during their summer trip.

One of the most convenient services when the whole family is traveling in the summer is the hotel with a shuttle bus. Therefore, it will be very difficult if you have to take a taxi or other public transport. So, with the hotel’s shuttle bus, it will be easier for you to travel.

Motherhood MaternityTraveling with Baby. Share travel experiences with your baby with useful information. To help you prepare everything carefully and choose the right travel destination for the whole family to have a really comfortable and complete trip with your baby.

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