How to self-recognize the signs of ovulation

Signs of ovulation. According to experts, the best time to conceive is on the day of ovulation. Here are the signs that an egg is about to ovulate.

Time of ovulation in women.

Signs of ovulation are when a woman’s ovaries release an egg ready to fertilize. The released eggs only last 12 to 24 hours. Male sperm can live for about 5 days. So, eggs and sperm will meet and fertilize at the ovary to form an embryo, then the embryo will move to nest in the uterus.

The timing of ovulation can vary based on a woman’s menstrual cycle. Estimating the date of ovulation will help women increase the highest fertility as well as know the safe date to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

How to calculate ovulation based on the menstrual cycle.

To approximate your ovulation date, you should monitor your menstrual cycle for 3 consecutive months. Calculating the date of ovulation based on the menstrual cycle is considered the most common method. Is this method based on the number of days of the menstrual cycle and the cycle even or not?

Usually a woman’s cycle will be around 28 days, but it can be as short as 21 days or as long as 35 days. Eggs will be released 14 days before the next period, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your menstrual cycle to calculate when to ovulate. However, if your period is short, it is likely that an egg will ovulate as soon as the period is over.

Formula for calculating ovulation date:

Ovulation days = Days in a menstrual cycle – 14

Example: If your period is 28 days, ovulation is on the 14th day of your cycle

If the cycle is 30 days, ovulation is on the 16th day of the cycle.

This method is only suitable for patients with regular menstrual cycles, in case of irregular menstruation this method is not recommended.

Signs that an egg is about to ovulate

In addition to the method of calculating the date of ovulation according to the menstrual cycle, the women can determine the date of ovulation based on the unusual signs of the body. Here are 8 most basic signs to help you recognize your ovulation period.

1. Changes in cervical mucus

The first sign of ovulation in a woman to signal an approaching day of ovulation is the change of mucus to a milky white color like the egg whites of the cervix. This fluid will make it easier for the sperm to move through the vagina and up the oviduct waiting for eggs. Scientists say this type of mucus is the most favorable factor that enhances a woman’s fertility. According to research, couples who have sex during this time will have a significantly increased rate of conception.

2. Wet vagina

Not only from cervical mucus, another way you can easily see that you are in the most sensitive time of the month is the wet vagina. Sisters can completely feel their “genitals” becoming wetter than usual. Even during the day of ovulation, you will find your vagina moist throughout the day.

3.Boobs ache

Near ovulation, estrogen levels rise. This is the cause of chest pain during ovulation. Some women also feel breast tenderness, similar to premenstrual symptoms. If you feel this in the middle of your cycle, it is a sign that ovulation is very near.

4. The need for “love” increases

If you are feeling excited and the need for sex has increased, it may be because an egg is ovulating. According to experts, women often find the desire to “have sex” increased before and during the day of ovulation. This phenomenon appears because the amount of hormone estogen increases, LH levels have a strong change, boosting the desire of women during ovulation. This helps the couple’s sex story sublimation and increases the chance of pregnancy.

5. Lower stomach pain

Lower abdominal pain accompanied by bloating symptoms, flatulence, discomfort … are signs that you are about to ovulate. It may be because eggs burst in an ovarian follicle or an egg has moved in the fallopian tube to reach the uterus. To limit this situation, women can drink warm water.

6. Occurrence of blood spot

The phenomenon of blood spotting occurs if it falls in the middle of the cycle, it is due to hormonal changes through the follicles in the ovaries, not due to the remaining menstruation as some women think.

7. Cramps

According to the survey, up to 90% of women face cramps every month before their cycle. This is a sign that you are in a very “fertile” period.

8. Headache or migraine

Approximately 20% of women experience this phenomenon the day before ovulation and before menstruation. This is a sign your body tells us that our period for the month is coming. To solve this problem, green tea or lemon juice is considered the best remedy during ovulation.

The best is 2 days before ovulation and 2 days after ovulation. To accurately calculate the date of ovulation, women need to observe the characteristics, record the body signs when ovulating to predict. For more information, please refer to the section Getting Pregnant or find out. How to calculate the date of ovulation, the Signs of ovulation to determine the best time to conceive.

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