one year old baby

One year old baby: Baby development

When one year old baby, life around your baby seems to be filled with discovery and learning. On the other hand, many parents are also wondering what one year old baby can do? Let’s join…

postpartum nutrition

Postpartum nutrition for nursing mothers

Care for women and postpartum nutrition is important in providing energy for the mother’s body to restore health after birth. The supply of nutrients into the body is essential for postpartum mothers to have enough…

teething baby slowly

Teething baby slowly: Should parents be worried?

Teething baby slowly, parents often worry to find out the cause to solve the problem. This delayed teething baby is sometimes just hereditary, but sometimes it is due to a medical condition. Usually, a baby’s…

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family grocery shopping

Family grocery shopping tips to save money

The economy declined because of the epidemic, many families faced difficulties, especially families who were raising children. So, you need…

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